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PNA-X Wide-pulse Modulator for Internal 2nd Source (Option 037)

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Pulsed stimuli at test port two for 2-port PNA-X with second internal source, or test port three for 4-port PNA-X, with pulse width as narrow as 150 ns
  • Configure a fully integrated, bi-directional pulsed-RF system, when combined with Option H08, 036 and 025
  • Covers entire analyzer's frequency range


The PNA-X Option 037 adds an internal pulse modulation capability to the second internal source for pulsed-RF measurements. Option 224 or 400 is required.

With Option 036 and Option 037, the PNA-X provides pulsed stimuli at test port one and two for internal dual-source 2-port test set (Option 224), or test port one and three for 4-port test set (Option 400) that allows forward and reverse direction pulse measurements. By combining Option 036 pulse modulator for the first internal source, Option 025 internal pulse generators, and Option H08 pulse measurements application, the PNA-X can be a fully integrated, fast and accurate pulse measurement system, which provides complete bi-directional pulse measurement capabilities such as pulse average, point-in-pulse and pulse-profile.