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Key Features & Specifications

  • New User Interface (UI) Technology — improves productivity, responsiveness, and look & feel; all turn-key MOS Modeling Packages provide a newly redesigned UI of the extraction flow
  • New Corner Modeling and Library Verification Extraction Package — enables extraction and verification of MOS corner models based on statistical process information
  • New Extraction Package for BSIMSOI4 MOS Model — enables turn-key DC and RF extraction of Berkeley’s BSIMSOI4 model for silicon on insulator (SOI) MOS devices
  • Updated Extraction for the PSP MOS Model — new powerful Global extraction for PSP model provides more choices and flexibility in the PSP extraction flow
  • Support for CV measurements with the Keysight B1500A DC/CV Analyzer
  • Programming Extraction Language (PEL) and Graphics Enhancements — enables more efficient programming and adds more flexibility


IC-CAP 2009

The Integrated Circuit Characterization & Analysis Program (IC-CAP) is the industry standard platform for DC and High Frequency measurement and modeling of semiconductor devices. IC-CAP 2009 continues to provide innovative modeling solutions by introducing two new turn-key modeling packages for extracting Corner Models for MOS devices and the BSIMSOI4 model for Silicon On Insulator (SOI) MOS devices. For the first time, IC-CAP 2009 adopts a new platform and user interface (UI) technology which dramatically improves the performance, responsiveness and provides a better look-and-feel of the product. In addition, this new release introduces several platform enhancements in the areas of PEL, graphics and instrument drivers.

New Corner Modeling Extraction Package

Unlike extracted models from measured data, which describe the behavior of a specific set of physical devices, corner models describe the model behavior when statistical process variations occur. This new extraction package enables modeling engineers to use Process Control Measurement (PCM) to generate corner models and automatically create libraries with corner information for the supported simulators. In addition, the package provides a comprehensive simulator suite which allows a final verification of the library by simulating the extracted library versus a variety of simulation conditions. Learn more about the Corner Modeling Extaction Package.

New BSIMSOI4 Extraction Package

This new MOS Modeling Package for the BSIMSOI4 completes a comprehensive offering of turn-key MOS Modeling Packages which includes BSIM3, BSIM4, PSP, HiSIM2.4 and HiSIM_HV. BSIMSOI4 is a compact model for SOI MOSFET devices developed by the department of EECS at UC Berkeley. The model was selected as the standard SOI MOSFET model by the Compact Modeling Council (CMC). The IC-CAP BSIMSOI4 Package uses the same powerful platform as the other MOS Packages and provides support for both DC and RF measurements and extraction of SOI MOSFET devices. Learn more about the BSIMSOI Model Extraction Package.

Platform Enhancements

The new platform technology greatly improves the UI's overall responsiveness of the product. Specifically, when displaying graphics, the new graphic engine dramatically improves drawing speed (up to 10X). Custom extraction or measurement toolkits that use advanced PEL and GUI Studio programming should also see a significant speed improvement in handling large amounts of variables in tables.

In addition, the following key new features have been added to PEL and graphics:

  • To allow more efficient PEL Programming, new looping, loop control and conditional statements have been added to PEL. For example, it is now easy to implement switch/case statements in PEL with ELSEIF statement.
  • The powerful LSYNC features allows the simulation and data storage of list of devices. In IC-CAP 2009, this feature has been enhanced to include text list and text synchronized list.
  • Besides drawing speed, several key enhancements have been added to graphics. More line types are available and each trace can declare a distinct line type. New functions have been added to save plot images without the plot having to be displayed.

You can find a more detailed descriptions and examples on the new features in the What's New in IC-CAP 2009 presentation.

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