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GS-9000 A-GPS Design Verification Test Systems

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
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GS-9000The GS-9000 is a scalable test system built on the 8960 wireless communications test set for testing Assisted GPS (A-GPS) capabilities in mobile devices and chipsets – ensuring A-GPS devices operate as expected in cellular networks without interfering with existing network operation. The GS-9000 family of test systems includes two design verification solutions, one for bench top functional test and another for pre-conformance test. Both test systems are based on test cases defined in 51.010 and 34.171.

The test system includes both hardware and software for testing mobile device A-GPS capabilities in a conducted environment. The hardware includes an 8960 test set with a lab application to emulate the base station and an E4438C ESG Vector Signal Generator to emulate GPS satellites. The GS-9000 Lite compact functional test system provides assistance data, protocol message encoding and decoding, and position location calculations. The GS-9000 standard design verification system performs pre-conformance test including all the tests of the Lite system with additional GPS scenario generation support, including multi-path fading with the Keysight N5106A PXB baseband generator. The system is also designed for optional SUPL server support.

Software includes pre-defined tests that conform to individual technology standards, which can be easily configured or modified when used in the design verification environment. It includes standardized GPS scenarios as well as some customization options in order to make it easy for wireless R&D engineers to more accurately emulate A-GPS usage on a real network.

Read more about Mobile Device Assisted GPS (A-GPS) Testing and A-GPS Total Isotropic Sensitivity testing.

  Compact design verification:
GS-9000 Lite
Design verification and pre-conformance test GS-9000
(Available in 2009)
Target application • R&D entry-level evaluation
• R&D light-users
• Manufacturing
• Quality assurance test
R&D design verification
pre-conformance test 
Supported technology format • GSM
• cdma2000® available in 2009
• cdma2000 available in 2009 
Supported standard specification • 3GPP TS51.010
• 3GPP TS34.171
• 3GPP TS51.010
• 3GPP TS34.171 
Test capabilities • 3GPP Defined Test Cases (2G/3G)
 • Sensitivity Coarse Time Assistance
 • Normal Accuracy
 • Dynamic Range
• Mobile Based and Mobile Assisted reporting
• TTFF (time to first fix)
• Raw satellite data (Sat ID, C/No, pseudo range, Doppler…)
• Report latitude and longitude (position server)
• 2D Error calculation
• Multiple GPS scenarios
• Individual satellite power control
• Sensitivity Searches
Capabilities of the GS-9000 Lite system plus the following:
 • Sensitivity fine time assistance
 • Multi-path performance
 • Moving scenario and periodic update
 • Supl Server
 • User defined GPS scenario generation
 • Assistance date generator (RRC/RRLP) location server
Suitable for • Wireless handset OEM/ODMs
• Chipset vendors
• wireless handset manufacturers/CMs
• NEMs
• Wireless handset OEM/ODMs
• Chipset vendors
• NEMs
Typical configuration • GS-9000 Lite software
• Test set (8960/E5515C)
• ESG (E4438C)
• Power supply optional (66311B)
• Industrial PC
• GS-9000 standard software
• Test set (8960/E5515C)
• ESG vector signal generator (E4438C)
• PXB base band generator(N5106A)
• Power supply optional (66311B)
• SUPL server optional
• Industrial PC

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