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RF IP Encoder 2009 generates highly detailed and secure models of ADS design circuits that can be shared with other ADS users for simulation and analysis without divulging intellectual property of the encoded circuit.

Note: While RF IP Encoder is a separate software download, the features and capability are provided in the W2200 Advanced Design System (ADS) Core.

Product Highlights:

  • Create encoded models containing ADS circuit, system, and DSP Library components
  • Fully integrated into ADS user interface
  • Protects Intellectual Property with fixed-key, 56-bit DES algorithm
  • Use encoded models with all ADS simulators
  • Easy to use and install

Product Description:

RF IP Encoder generates highly detailed models of RF Integrated Circuits (RFICs), and protects the intellectual property contained in the designs.

E8894 Image

RF IP Encoder enables you to reduce time to market by integrating RFICs into wireless communication systems early in the design cycle, and provides the ability to adapt products quickly to changing customer specifications.

Share the generated models with RF system and board designers, allowing rapid parallel design and verification of wireless communication systems, without exposing your IP.

Conditions are realistic, because the models are generated by encoding the transistor-level netlist of the circuit. The resulting encoded models let you simulate and analyze a complete system, taking into account the effects of RF board interconnects, signal propagation, nonlinear distortion, noise, and so on.