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E5847A 46-ch Single-ended ZIF probe for DDR3 x4/x8 DRAM BGA probe connection to 90-pin logic analyzer cable

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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

E5847A Probe, 46 channel SE ZIF for DDR3 X4/X8 DRAM data BGA probe, connects to 90-pin LA cable

  • R-51B-001-C Return to Keysight Warranty - 1 year


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W3630A Series DDR3 BGA Probes for Logic Analyzers and Oscilloscopes - Data Sheet
Keysight DDR3 BGA probe for logic analyzer and scope enables viewing of data traffic on industry standard DDR3 DIMMs and embedded DDR3 design with the Keysight 16900 Series logic analysis system and 80000/90000 Series scope.

Data Sheet 2017-12-02

U4154A AXIe-based Logic Analyzer Module - Data Sheet
The U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer system combines reliable data capture with powerful analysis and validation tools to help you validate and debug high speed digital designs operating up to 4 Gb/s.

Data Sheet 2017-02-24

W4630 and W4640 Series DDR4 DRAM BGA Interposers Installation Guide
This guide provides installation information for the W4630-series and W4640-series DDR4 x4/x8/x16 BGA Command and Data Interposers and the ZIF cables used with these interposers.

Installation Manual 2015-12-24

W3630-Series DDR3 DRAM BGA Probes Installation Guide
Installation information for DDR3 BGA logic analyzer and oscilloscope probes.

Installation Manual 2014-04-29