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E8298A Point of Service (PoST) Server Software

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This product is no longer available

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Test and repair mobile phones faster with Keysight.

The Keysight E8298A PoST Server Software provides centralized mobile phone test plan and data collection software designed to significantly reduce service provider's mobile phone test and repair costs.

PoST Server interfaces directly with Keysight's PoST software, multiple distributed test sets running PoST will automatically download test plans and upload measured data to a central server via the Internet / or intranets. Administrators will be able to manage the entire service network by using the PoST server to centrally configure each individual test sets with specific test plans and parameters, and will be able to analyze the collected repair data from the network.

Combining Keysight's PoST Server and PoST software creates a user friendly and powerful application that simplifies test administration, centralizes the collection of test data and centralizes the management and distribution of test plans.

  • uploads test data from the entire service network to central database
  • centralizes test plan administration
  • customizes test plans for the entire network
  • interfaces directly with Keysight's PoST Software
  • tracks product performance through collected data from central database