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Advanced Design System 2009

Advanced Design System (ADS) 2009 is a high-frequency/high-speed platform for co-design of integrated circuits (IC), packages, modules and boards. It helps circuit, package, board and system designers work with a single EDA platform to share simulation models and minimize design rework, costs and delays in communications product design.

ADS 2009 cuts hardware integration turns by revealing unexpected component interactions upfront that cause integration failures downstream. It offers key enabling technologies for Co-Design, including X-parameters* for nonlinear modeling of off-the-shelf components through direct measurement; and 3D EM components integrated within the circuit and system design flow. ADS 2009 also interoperates with the Cadence and Mentor back-end design platforms to complete the physical implementation.


ADS 2009

For more details on this release of ADS, refer to Advanced Design System: The HF/Hi-speed Co-design Platform.

For a summary of the features and capabilities that have been added or improved upon in this release, refer to Advanced Design System 2009 Updates.

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* "X-parameters" is a trademark of Keysight Technologies, Inc. The X-parameter format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information click here.