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iDEN® Field Test Application (FTA) software is a Windows® based cell site monitoring application developed for Motorola and distributed by SAFCO Technologies. A field survey tool designed for 800 MHz and 1500 MHz iDEN® networks, the iDEN® FTA application utilizes a Motorola iDEN® phone loaded with test mobile code, which collects and displays user-definable air interface data. It can be configured for either stand-alone or vehicular use.

iDEN® FTA software enables site troubleshooting and problem resolution in an easy-to-use configuration. It promotes a more-thorough understanding of iDEN® cell site and handoff performance. By capturing and analyzing radio frequency activity at the iDEN® cell site, entire cells and radios within cells may be efficiently managed. Employing this tool helps enhance initial site configuration and assists with continued optimization, resulting in increased user satisfaction and a stronger competitive position.

  • Easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for technicians
  • Supports packet data Displays real-time data collection parameters
  • Employs advanced graphic displays for instant analysis
  • Helps analyze iDEN® cell site handoff performance
  • Runs on Windows ®