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N7624B-R81 Basic LTE (3GPP Rel8 Mar 08) for 16800/900 Logic Analyzer

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Fixed, perpetual license
  • Set downlink and uplink control channel setting (PDCCH, PCFICH, PHICH, PUCCH, PRACH, sounding reference signal)
  • Setup PUSCH, PRACH and sounding reference signal simultaneous transmission
  • Multiple PUSCH, PRACH configuration
  • PUCCH Format 1, 1a, 1b, 2, 2a, 2b support


Option R81 demonstrates LTE RF performance with an optimized reference signal

Option R81 simplifies the creation of LTE RF reference signals that comply with the latest 3GPP standard (TS36.211-V8.2.0). Easily generate complex 3GPP LTE reference signals which are validated and optimized for RF performance, including multicarrier configuration or mixed carrier configuration with W-CDMA. Create your own user-defined signals with the intuitive graphical interface (GUI).