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SystemVue 2008

SystemVue 2008.12 is the first release of a new design environment focused on next-generation physical layer (PHY) communications systems design. It combines several new features into a single core environment.

  • Modern, easy-to-use environment
  • Polymorphic modeling enables you to work in your choice of compiled GUI blocks, C, Math Language, or HDL
  • Native Math Language modeling and debugging
  • High-performance Dataflow simulator and versatile co-simulation
  • RF, DSP, Comms, and many other blocksets built into the core environment
  • Instrument connectivity
  • Digital Filter Synthesis

Note: If you are a supported SystemVue 2007.03 user, you can upgrade to this new platform, and still retain access to your old software to be able to use your existing design files. SystemVue 2008.12 is a new environment.

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