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ADS 2008 Update 2

Advanced Design System (ADS) 2008 Update 2 is no longer the current shipping version.

You can download this version and others from the Software & Trials tab above.

To learn more about ADS, visit the ADS main page.


Note: The information below is provided for reference only.

ADS 2008 Update 2 is the latest in a series of releases in 2008 specifically targeted to double design productivity as measured in terms of reduction in:

  • Simulation times
  • Mouse clicks
  • Activites needed to complete a design task

RF modules in communications and consumer wireless products represent the fastest growing market segments for RF components. Helping you design these RF modules to hit competitive 3G and 4G market windows is the focus of ADS2008 Update 2 release.

ADS 2008 Update 2 integrates full 3D EM simulation with enhanced capacity to enable the most efficient wireless RF module design. Get to know more about the Advanced Design System 2008 Update 2 capabilities.

For a complete listing of all the capabilities in ADS 2008, refer to Advanced Design System 2008 Updates.

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