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B1530A (B1500A-A30, B1500AU-030) Waveform Generator/Fast Measurement Unit (WGFMU)

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Key Features & Specifications

The only true pulse/transient measurement solution without load line effect

  • Arbitrary waveform generation and high-speed IV measurement capabilities are integrated
  • No load line effect accurate pulsed IV measurement by Keysight unique dynamic SMU technology
  • Solution for ultra-fast IV (current-voltage), pulsed IV and transient IV measurements such as NBTI/PBTI, RTN (Random Telegraph Signal Noise), etc

Measurement capabilities

  • DC output and arbitrary waveform generation with 10 ns programmable resolution (10V peak-to-peak output)
  • High-speed voltage/current measurement (200 MSa/s, 5ns sampling rate)
  • Wide current range available by dynamic ranging capability in arbitrary waveform output
  • Dual channel output


Load line effect free pulse and transient measurement by newly designed high-speed SMU technology

Ultra-fast IV, pulsed IV and transient IV measurements are becoming an increasingly common requirement for the research and development of next generation semiconductor, device and materials. Keysight B1530A Waveform Generator/Fast Measurement Unit (WGFMU) of Keysight B1500A is unique measurement module best for those time dependent measurements. They have been typically performed by the combination of pulse generator and oscilloscope, but the load line effect, which is error by the voltage drop of residual resistance, was the problem for the accurate measurement. The B1530A WGFMU integrates arbitrary waveform generation and simultaneous high-speed measurement capabilities, and Keysight unique dynamic SMU technology enables accurate and more sensitive measurement than the pulse generator based solution without load line effect. This is very powerful and useful solution to perform the leading-edge ultra-fast IV, pulsed IV and transient IV applications such as ultra-fast NBTI and RTN measurement, etc.

Accurate and fast measurement throughout wide current range by dynamic ranging capability

The sensitivity of ultra-fast IV, pulsed IV and transient IV measurement is another challenge. Flowing current can be different order between pulse base and pulse peak, and some devices show drastic impedance change by the applied waveform. Keysight B1530A has capability to specify the measurement range at any points, and the range is changed dynamically in the arbitrary waveform output. Accordingly, the best range and resolution can be utilized for accurate measurement.

Ready to use application software for advanced device test such as RTN (random telegraph noise), ultra-fast NBTI/PBTI, pulsed IV and transient measurement

The advanced measurement capabilities of the B1530A WGFMU enable the measurements that have been difficult by the conventional measurement instruments. The B1530A WGFMU enables characterization less than µs order because of its fast measurement and high sensitivity. For example, it can be used for leading-edge applications such as ultra-fast NBTI/PBTI and RTN measurements that are key challenges for the advanced semiconductor reliability. Keysight B1500A provides the ready-to-use application software for quick start-up of those difficult applications.

Automated RTN measurement on wafer using B1530A WGFMU and E4727E3 software

E4727E3 software efficiently performs at a low cost an automated RTN measurement on the wafer using the B1500A with the B1530A WGFMU. It can improve the efficiency of RTN measurement and data analysis including wafer prober control.

For more details of E4727E3 software, refer to the link: E4727A Advanced Low-Frequency Noise Analyzer

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