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N5452A Remote Programming Interface for Connecting Compliance Applications to Your PC Remotely

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Key Features & Specifications

Now standard on all Infiniium oscilloscopes

  • A single N5452A license will enable remote command/query support for any Infiniium compliance or validation applications running on a single oscilloscope (node-locked)

More than just an interface, Keysight provides a full-featured development toolkit—fulfilled from order with license redemption

  • Infiniium Compliance Application Programming Guide
  • Functional programming utilities for text-based, GUI-based and Infiniium API remote command/query emulation
  • DLL adapters for C# and LabVIEW 8.5 for simple integration
  • Example scripts and control source code


The N5452A (Remote Programming Interface) allows you to operate your Infiniium applications remotely, which you previously were not able to do. This software is compatible with the 9000A, 9000 H-, 90000, and 90000 X-Series oscilloscope and Keysight compliance and validation applications.

The N5452A Remote Programming Interface is free of charge with the 3.21 update.

Download the toolkit