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Typical Configuration  

Typical Configuration

N2785A Probe positioner, 2-arm


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Key Features & Specifications

  • Easy-to-manipulate probe arms for hands-free browsing
  • Two articulated arms with hi-mass base
  • Quick and stable XY positioning
  • Weight stabilization technique in probe holder keeps constant pressure at the probing point
  • Compatible with most Keysight and other vendor’s scope probes


The N2785A probe positioner provides quick and stable X-Y positioning with only a “lift and drop” motion to put the probe in place for PC boards and devices that require hands-free probing. This probe holder also employs a weight stabilization technique to keep constant pressure at the probing point so that the probe tip stays in position even when the target board is shaken.

The N2785A is compatible with most Keysight scope probes including InfiniiMax single-ended or differential browser probes, as well as the scope probes from other vendors.

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