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Advanced Design System (ADS) 2008 Update 1 is no longer the current shipping version.

You can download this version and others from the Software & Trials tab above.

To learn more about ADS, visit the ADS main page.


Note: The information below is provided for reference only.

ADS 2008 Update 1 is the 2nd of 4 quarterly releases in 2008 specifically targeted to double design productivity as measured in terms of reduction in simulation times, mouse clicks and activities needed to complete a design task.

ADS 2008 Update 1 brings you the following exciting enhancements:

  • 10x speedup in planar 3D electromagnetic simulation
  • 10x speedup in non-linear circuit simulation
  • Patent pending convolution technology that allows accurate signal integrity simulation with measured S-parameter data of high-speed interconnects
  • New Simulation Models and Libraries
  • Further improvement in graphical user interface

The combined benefits of all the above translates to at least a doubling of your design productivity.

For a complete listing of all the capabilities in ADS 2008, refer to Advanced Design System 2008 Updates.

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