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N1225A High Resolution Laser Axis Board

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Key Features & Specifications


  • Position resolution of 0.15 nm using plane mirror optics
  • ± 2.29 m/s plane mirror stage velocity using 15 MHz split laser head
  • Receiver sensitivity of 0.065 µW
  • Optional cyclic error compensation available

Operation with Plane Mirror Optics

  • Resolution: 0.15 nm
  • Maximum Velocity with 15 MHz split laser head: ± 2.29 m/s; with 7.5 MHz split: ± 1.1 m/s


  • Position update rate: 10 MHz

Special Features

  • Up to 8 boards per system for 31 axes of simultaneous measurement
  • 10/100 Base T LAN connection; DHCP enabled; Web browser based timed data capture with multiple trigger options
  • Simultaneous output of 4 axes of position at 10MHz (10 lsbs/axis)
  • 36-bit, 2's Complement Hardware Position Output @ 10 MHz/(number of axes)


The Keysight N1225A provides ultra-sensitive fiber optic receivers and high resolution distance measurements for high performance positioning systems using laser interferometry with VME bus systems. Multiple N1225A boards can be linked together for up to 31 axes of position measurement. Includes "oscilloscope like" data capture operated with standard web browsers.