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U3040AK Keysight Yellowstone 3.0 Automated Test Process Center

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Automatically transports UUTs to test stations per test plan
  • Once at a test station, automatically interconnects UUTs to electrical power, and interconnects UUTs signals (including RF) and executes tests
  • Simultaneously tests thermal (0 to 60 degrees C) and vibration profiles (up to 8 G’s)
  • Controls process via shop floor control software
  • Automatically manages mix-modeled process involving multiple product families
  • Runs continuously (24 /7) with a high reliability of uptime > 97%
  • Integrates into existing production facilities, IT, test software


Keysight Technologies Yellowstone 3.0 is an automated test process center for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing of complex electronic products used in thermal-stressed or vibration-stressed environments. It dramatically improves uptime and utilization of test assets while reducing overall manufacturing costs.

A Decade of Proven Uptime and Cost Savings

Now you can have similar results for your parametric and functional tests!

Yellowstone dramatically improves uptime and utilization of test assets while reducing overall manuf

Benefits of Yellowstone

  • Yellowstone provides an integrated collection of test stations connected by robotic vehicles that automatically interconnect the UUT to power & signals; runs automated test suites, and coordinates results and flow via shop floor control software. This results in:
  • Improvement in test process utilization
  • Savings in manufacturing test costs
  • Cycle time reduction
  • Test equipment utilization
  • Reduction in floor space
  • Significant labor reduction