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Key Features & Specifications

The Gerber Union Element has the following capabilities:

  • Follows contours of Gerber vector data and converts it into polygons with no overlapping or touching boundaries for efficient meshing for EM simulation
  • Reads multiple Gerber files into a single database for multilayer layout
  • Exports multi-layer EGS archive format for transfer into ADS
  • Resultant ADS layout database accurately captures multi-layer structure and complex filled areas for subsequent EM simulation
  • Accepts Gerber files (274x) from any board or RF module layout tool
  • Imports entire image or selected area for critical net simulation


The Gerber Union Element is a Gerber file format layout import and translation tool to produce clean layout for full 3D and planar electromagnetic (EM) simulation from Keysight EEsof EDA, the technology and innovation leader in high-frequency mixed-signal electronic design automation (EDA). It is seamlessly integrated into the Advanced Design System (ADS), the only design simulation platform that enables the co-design of IC, package and board in high-frequency and hi-speed applications. It seamlessly integrates system, circuit, full 3D electromagnetic simulation with Keysight’s test instrumentation for you to do single pass successful electronic designs repeatedly.

The Gerber Union Element was specifically created to convert layout Gerber files by performing union operation on strokes, flashes and areas into ADS native EGS format layouts with no overlapping or touching boundaries. These cleaned unionized layouts can then be efficiently meshed by 3D planar EM simulator (Momentum G2 Element) or full 3D EM simulator (Keysight FEM Simulator Element) for the fastest simulation.

Unlike general purpose Gerber file import tools, the Gerber Union Element was specifically developed to create multi-layer layout database in ADS from multiple Gerber files and optimized for efficient meshing and the fastest EM simulation with Momentum G2 planar 3D and Keysight FEM Simulator full 3D EM simulators.