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Key Features & Specifications

ADS Core is the starting element for you to build up your design and simulation capabilities. It already contains powerful features for you to start designing immediately including:

  • Project design environment to input schematics, launch simulations and manage design projects
  • Data display to manipulate and plot data
  • Linear simulator for S-parameters, DC and small signal AC analysis
  • Statistical simulator including powerful Design-of-Experiments (DOE) for ensuring robust designs
  • Thirteen powerful optimizers to optimize your designs for performance and yield
  • Filter design guide to synthesize lumped and distributed filters
  • Passive circuit design guide to synthesize matching networks and passive functions
  • Design guide developer studio for you to create customized design guides
  • Additional model libraries- RF system, RF passive and multilayer interconnects
  • Dynamic link to Cadence for simulating Composer™ RFIC schematic in ADS
  • Mentor dynamic access for bidirectional RF board design transfer with Expedition™
  • Connection manager for bidirectional data transfer with Keysight test instrumentation
  • RF IP encoder encrypts your design for sharing with others


Advanced Design System (ADS) is the flagship product from Keysight EEsof EDA, the technology and innovation leader in high-frequency, mixed-signal electronic design automation (EDA). It is the only design simulation platform that enables the co-design of IC, package and board in high-frequency and hi-speed applications. ADS seamlessly integrates system, circuit, and full 3D electromagnetic simulation with Keysight’s test instrumentation to perform single pass successful electronic designs repeatedly.

Previously sold separately, the combined capabilities in ADS Core assure you the best value in RF design capabilities available anywhere. For example, design guides automate the synthesis of filter and multi-stage matching networks to reduce hours of designs to minutes. The high quality of software engineering behind ADS provides a stable platform for the creation, sharing and management of your valuable intellectual properties.

From ADS Core, you can add other circuit, system and electromagnetic simulation capabilities to complete even the most challenging designs. Your careful choice of ADS Core represents joining a growing installed base of over 12,000 successful designers worldwide.

Powerful Functionality Included in the ADS Core

Core Functionality

  • Design Environment - Graphical user interface for schematic entry and simulation setup within the Advanced Design System (ADS).
  • Data Display - Allows simulation results to be viewed either graphically, as they would appear on analyzers or other instruments, or as raw data.
  • Connection Manager - Reads data from, downloads data to, and controls selected instruments. The W2200BP includes the connection manager client only. The Connection Manager Server must be downloaded and installed separately.
  • RF IP Encoder - Generates highly detailed and secure models of ADS design circuits that can be shared with other ADS users without divulging intellectual property of the encoded circuit.


  • Linear Simulator - Frequency-domain circuit simulator that analyzes a large variety of RF and microwave circuits operating under linear conditions.
  • Statistical Design - Optimization, Sensitivity Analysis, Yield, Yield Optimization (also known as Design Centering), Design of Experiments (DOE), and Yield Sensitivity Histograms.

Model Sets

  • RF Passive Circuit Models - Models for many common RF parts including inductors, transformers, couplers, crystals and bondwires.
  • Multilayer Interconnect Models - Models for multiple coupled lines used in multilayer structures such as printed circuit boards, multichip devices, and IC packages.


  • Passive Circuit DesignGuide - Synthesis and analysis of commonly used microstrip components familiar to microwave designers, such as branch-line couplers, Wilkinson dividers, coupled line filters, quarter-wave matching networks and lumped-element matching.
  • Filter DesignGuide - Synthesis and analysis of commonly used passive filters familiar to microwave designers. Microwave circuits can be synthesized in seconds.
  • DesignGuide Developer Studio - Create an ADS DesignGuide menu interface. Can be defined and installed in the $HOME directory.

Integration into Non-Keysight Design Environments

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