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PNA-X Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA)

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Revolutionize the Way You Simulate, Design, Build, and Test High-power Devices

Still using S-parameters to characterize nonlinear behavior? Then you are most likely spending too much time designing matching circuits by trial and error. Keysight’s nonlinear vector network analyzer (NVNA) and Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS) provides the critical leap in technology to go beyond S-parameters with X-parameters* or use large signal waveform data directly or for compact modeling.

The award-winning Keysight NVNA provides industry-leading performance, accuracy, and configurability to simplify test setups and provide detailed insight into designing nonlinear components. The PNA-X Series network analyzer with NVNA accurately measures and displays the nonlinear behavior of the device under test to deterministically design components, modules and systems.

NVNA and X-parameters Technology:

  • Captures the linear/nonlinear component behavior at varying loads with X-parameters
  • Measures and characterizes the amplitudes and relative phase of harmonics generated by components under large input power levels at all ports
  • Correctly characterizes impedance mismatches and frequency mixing behavior to allow accurate simulation of cascaded nonlinear X-parameter blocks, such as amplifiers and mixers in wireless design
  • Provides new insight into component behavior of your high-power amplifiers
  • Minimizes design iterations and reduces design cycles using real nonlinear data
  • Offers 10 MHz to 67 GHz of vector corrected bandwidth for time domain waveforms of voltage and currents of DUTs
  • Provides multi-tone waveform measurement and analysis
  • Offers three-port device characterization (mixers and converters)

NVNA Large Signal Waveforms for Compact Model Generation:

Arbitrary Load Control Device Characterization adds:

  • Integrated NVNA active loadpull solution for compact model generation
  • Active source control of RF and dc bias at both input and output ports simultaneously
  • Large signal waveforms passed to ICcap for Keysight DynaFET model extraction
  • Alternatively, large signal data can be used to generate users own compact models
  • Alternatively, use large signal data to optimize any existing compact model

The NVNA's X-parameter measurements can be easily dragged and dropped into Keysight's Advanced Design System (ADS), Genesys, and SystemVue to simulate, model, and design real-world nonlinear systems and circuits.

View brochure: Keysight Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (NVNA)

NVNA options for PNA-X Series B model network analyzers:

NVNA options for PNA-X Series A model network analyzers:

* "X-parameters" is a registered trademark of Keysight Technologies. The X-parameter format and underlying equations are open and documented. For more information on X-parameters.

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