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E5611A Former Product Number

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available


Note: Model number E5611 has been discontinued; however, the Amplifier DesignGuide feature/capability is now included in the W2300 Harmonic Balance Element.

The information below is provided for reference only.

The Amplifier DesignGuide includes an extensive set of preconfigured simulation set-ups that are useful in efficient power amplifier and small-signal amplifier design. These setups save time by automatically configuring ADS to run the most common and critical measurements for these types of circuits. The DesignGuide contains more than 70 pre-defined simulations, complete with the corresponding display setups. The broad collection of simulation setups and interactive data displays enable the user to quickly and easily determine the best design for a particular application. The time saved in simulator configuration can be applied to additional testing, providing greater insight into the circuit behavior and increased confidence in your design's ultimate success.

Numerous test set-ups are available to assist in evaluating how a device's performance depends on the bias point, and to analyze critical specifications including stability, gain, and noise. Load and source pull simulations are available to help determine optimal load and source impedances for best PAE, output power, and IMD performance. Beyond that, a full suite of statistical tools is also included, enabling both linear and non-linear analysis of design yield and component sensitivity. The Amplifier DesignGuide simplifies and accelerates the task of designing high yield circuits that meet the most demanding specifications.

Numerous nonlinear performance test set-ups and simple, lumped element impedance synthesis set-ups are also included.

Amplifier DesignGuide includes the following simulations and corresponding displays.

  • Over 70 Pre-defined Simulations
  • Performance Specifications
  • Advanced Simulations