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Key Features & Specifications

Performance Characteristics

  • 24 MHz RF modulation bandwidth; variable sample rate up to 30 MSa/s
  • Dual, 16-bit, hardware oversampling DACs running at 500 MHz for I and Q symbols
  • 12 bits of dynamic range; 16 bits with enhanced dynamic range
  • Arbitrary waveform generation (ARB)

Baseband Features

  • 8 MSa playback memory; extendable to 64 MSa
  • Continuously variable sample rates
  • Flexible arbitrary waveform sequencing
  • 5 ms waveform switching speed; down to 900 μs with fast switching

Baseband Generation and Signal Creation

  • Create reference signals: WLAN, WiMAX™, W-CDMA, cdma2000®, GSM, TD-SCDMA, and more - Signal Studio


Advanced Baseband Signal Generation

The Keysight MXG ATE vector equipped with Option 651 integrates an advanced internal baseband generator with a state-of-the-art vector signal generator to provide complex I/Q modulation at RF frequencies. The high-performance arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) provides outstanding dynamic range and the ultimate in waveform playback flexibility. Option 651 also provides the unique ability to minimize the waveform switching speed in list mode sweep to maximize throughput in high-volume manufacturing test applications.

Typical Application

The internal baseband generator is recommended for component and receiver test applications requiring calibrated, digitally-modulated, baseband and RF test signals with bandwidths up to 24 MHz and frequencies up to 6 GHz. Common applications include cellular and WLAN technologies on the manufacturing floor or in the engineering lab.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.

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