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E8926A Former Product Number

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:


E8926A Image

Note: Model number E8926A has been discontinued; however, the Advanced Model Composer feature/capability is now included in the W2341 Momentum G2 Element

The information below is provided for reference only.

Based on patented Keysight technology, the E8926A Advanced Model Composer presents a new paradigm in passive model generation. It provides designers with the best of both worlds by bringing the accuracy of EM simulation and the speed of analytical models into a single, user-defined, compact model.

Customized models, based on a set of pre-selected parameters, are easily built with specific process information to operate over the desired frequency range. The models are more accurate than typical analytical models because they are generated through true EM simulation. Completed models run faster because the EM simulation is only run when the model is originally created. The finished models are integrated into ADS as part of the Design Kit library, making them easily accessible to all designers using the same process.

Product Highlights:

  • Patented Multi-dimensional Adaptive Parameter Sampling (MAPS) yields fast and accurate models
  • Electromagnetic based models for transparent physical design verification
  • User defined custom component shapes
  • User defined component parameter number and range
  • Models available for both schematic and layout representations
  • Generated models conform to ADS Design Kit structure
  • Automatic library generation process

E8926A Image

Product Description:
With the new Advanced Model Composer, Keysight meets the need for EM-accurate passive models that maintain the simulation speed advantages of analytical models. RF and microwave designers who use ADS can now develop improved models based on specific operational and material properties. Keysight-patented MAPS technology works with the ADS Momentum EM fullwave simulator to automate the process of accurate model generation, saving valuable time throughout the design process.

The Advanced Model Composer is Layout driven, making it easy for users to generate models of passive elements and discontinuities. It allows users to define the model shape, frequency range, process properties and any number of associated physical parameters. Once this set of information is supplied through the intuitive graphical user interface, the rest is done automatically. The final compact model library conforms to ADS Design Kit structure is accessible from both Schematic and Layout and exhibits EM accuracy while maintaining the ultra-fast simulation speeds typical of standard analytical models. This unique combination allows these accurate new models to confidently be used with design automation techniques such as real-time tuning and performance optimization.

For more information, please visit Advanced Design System (ADS), an electronic design automation (EDA) software for RF, microwave and signal-integrity applications.