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E8884A Former Product Number

Product Status: Désuet
Ce produit n’est plus disponible


E8884A Image

Note: Model number E8884A has been discontinued; however, the High-Frequency SPICE Simulator feature/capability is now included in the W2302 Transient Convolution Element.

The information below is provided for reference only.

E8884A High-Frequency SPICE Simulator is a non-linear, time-domain simulator for analyzing very large base-band circuits, startup transients, oscillators, and high-speed digital and switching circuits.

High-Frequency SPICE's ability to find a time-domain solution, for even the most complicated problems, makes it the most flexible type of non-linear simulator. Circuits with thousands of transistors can be effectively analyzed with this technology.

Product Highlights:

  • Transient Noise Simulation with a wider range of supported devices including all linear and nonlinear device models
  • Speed: The Transient simulator continues to improve in simulation speed
  • Analyzes large, low- and high-frequency, linear and nonlinear circuits in the time domain
  • Directly uses high-frequency models such as microstrip and stripline transmission lines, bends, and gaps
  • Annotates the complete solution at time = 0 on the schematic
  • Provides time-domain optimization, programmable and swept optimization, overload alert warning, swept variable analysis, user defined measurements, and voltage and current probes at any labeled node in the design
  • Advanced <> including Monte Carlo Yield analysis, sensitivity and mismatch analysis, and correlation technique, all with powerful display features and sensitivity histograms
  • Time- to frequency-domain transform allows RF designers to view results in the frequency domain
  • Platform Computing Load Sharing Facility (LSF) supports the following options:
    -Find the fastest available server and run
    -Run simultaneous simulations
    -Distributed Processing. Most efficient for sweeps that don't require the solution of the previous run
  • Variable Equations (VAREQN) variables may now be referenced in Measurement equations (MEASEQN) and Optimization/Yield/DOE (Design of Experiments) controllers
  • Measurement equations can access the contents of any existing dataset. This can be very useful in optimization and yield analysis where goals/specs can make direct reference to existing data. The data may be generated from a previous simulation, or from an external source such as another simulator, or an instrument

E8884A Image

Product Description:
E8884A High-Frequency SPICE is ideally suited to time-domain analysis of large high-frequency RF circuits with thousands of transistors. It is used to analyze the steady-state response of mixers, oscillators, amplifiers, and other circuits.

The simulator is also used to verify transient behavior, such as start-up times in oscillators, filter step function responses, pulsed RF network responses, high speed digital and switching circuits, and more.

High-Frequency SPICE offers all the regular features of SPICE transient analysis, plus improved convergence for large circuits, and additional features such as DC back-annotation to the schematic.