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E8882A Former Product Number

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available


E8882A Image

Note: Model number E8882A has been discontinued; however, the Harmonic Balance Simulator feature/capability is now included in the W2300 Harmonic Balance Element.

The information below is provided for reference only.

E8882A Harmonic Balance Simulator provides frequency-domain, steady-state, large signal analysis of non-linear circuits excited with multi-tone sources. Because the simulation is run in the frequency domain, results are obtained much faster than with typical time-domain SPICE-based simulators.

Harmonic Balance is used to simulate noise, gain compression, harmonic distortion, oscillator spurs, phase noise, and intermodulation products in non-linear circuits. Keysight's Harmonic Balance simulator is loaded with many advanced features that improve convergence, accelerate simulation and enhance optimization.

Product Highlights:

  • Shur Complement Preconditioner and Enhanced Krylov Solver
  • Includes a Krylov solver technique that allows for full-chip simulation with multi-tone excitation all without placing excessive demands on memory, or simulation time
  • Transient Assisted Harmonic Balance (TaHB) technology enables HB analysis on highly non-linear circuits such as digital flip-flops in PLL IC's
  • Simulates and optimizes nonlinear steady-state response of circuits
  • Advanced <> capability including programmable and swept optimization, Monte Carlo Yield analysis, sensitivity and mismatch analysis, and correlation technique, all with powerful display features and sensitivity histograms
  • Includes swept variable analysis, parametric sub-networks, and large signal S-parameters
  • Performs and displays results of complex user-defined post-processing functions
  • Frequency Defined Device (FDD) is a powerful model used for nonlinear, behavioral modeling in both frequency and time domains without the laborious task of having to write C code
  • Platform Computing Load Sharing Facility (LSF) supports the following options:
    -Find the fastest available server and run
    -Run simultaneous simulations
    -Distributed Processing. Most efficient for sweeps that don't require the solution of the previous run
  • Variable Equations (VAREQN) variables may now be referenced in Measurement equations (MEASEQN) and Optimization/Yield/DOE (Design of Experiments) controllers
  • Measurement equations can access the contents of any existing dataset. This feature is very useful in optimization and yield analysis where goals/specs make direct reference to existing data. The data may be generated from a previous simulation, or from an external source, such as another simulator, or an instrument.

E8882A Image

Product Description:
This fast Harmonic Balance simulator is useful for the design of the typical nonlinear circuits used in wireless RF and microwave communication systems. It simulates and optimizes the nonlinear steady-state response of amplifiers, multipliers, mixers, oscillators RF system models, and other devices. HB provides performance measures such as DC bias, mixer noise figure, oscillation frequency and phase noise, large signal S parameters, and power added efficiency. Keysight's simulator also provides swept variable (for example, power, frequency or circuit parameter) analysis, parametric subnetworks, and large-signal S-parameters.