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What's New in Genesys Release 2006.10

In addition to performance improvements in the simulators, Genesys Release 2006.10 offers:

Totally New

  • Nonlinear Noise Analysis - the Genesys harmonic balance (HARBEC) simulation engine now supports nonlinear noise analysis. This includes oscillator phase noise analysis. A new Nonlinear Noise folder in Examples includes detailed examples. The simulations manual chapter about HARBEC has full documentation.
  • ADS Link Support - Genesys includes full support for the ADS 2006A-Genesys link, allowing complex workspaces to be used in both products.
  • Internationalization - Genesys now supports localization into languages other than English.
  • ADC Model in SPECTRASYS - SPECTRASYS now includes an advanced A/D converter model.
  • Network Address setting in TESTLINK - you can now set the Lan/IP address directly in the TESTLINK interface.
  • Quarter Grid Support - in support of ADS export we fully support use of 1/4 grid (Eagleware Genesys standard is 1/6 grid), for use in schematics and syntheses.
  • Substrates in Designs - Designs now allow a set of substrates to be included in the design. Models and Designs can thus have private embedded substrates.
  • Title Blocks - there is now a library of title blocks for use within Schematics


  • Annotation - support for arrows and balloons. Text annotation now supports equations.
  • Documentation - general documentation was improved and enhanced.
  • Equations - better swept array support. Added .+ and .- operators. Added integral function. Improved documentation and error messages. Fixed ang360 unit.
  • Examples - some new and improved examples, specifically in Nonlinear Noise.
  • Graphs - ability to remove graph marker arrows, improved unit recognition, auto info balloon option, added multiple popup display for nearby datapoints. Improved measurement wizard for sweeps and custom data. Checkpoint button now shows Remove when checkpoints exist.
  • HARBEC - implemented nonlinear noise analysis.
  • Import - imported variable data now supports comments.
  • Linear Analysis - user options were added for GMin and optimal block size. Performance improvements. Matrix reduction stability improved for non-noise cases.
  • MFILTER - MFILTER now runs using display units. Also, serious performance. improvements. Improved optimizer setup. Repaired propagation of equation variables for coupled lines.
  • MODELS - improvements to MCURV, MIDCAP, AIRIND2, Stripline bend, MCR, Stripline tee. New 2-port dataset part. Dataset models now support Y input. New noise source models and parts.
  • Optimization - repaired a few minor issues with optimization at zero.
  • Scripting - some new verbs added to support complex script programs. Added ConvertToStandard library script.
  • SPECTRASYS - numerous improvements to propagation of noise and harmonic data. Repair issues where a mixer is driven by an IF. Added DCR measurement.
  • Status Dialog - Now retains location.
  • Synthesis - added warning and error colors to status box.
  • Tables - improved updating when source values change. Fixed unit of measure issue when inheriting values from Use Display equations.
  • Tuning - added sweeps to list of calculated analyses when tuning. Repair help button.
  • WhatIF - fixed missing sum spurs for single IF. Fixed high-side LO for an RF mixer.
  • Workspace Migration - some improvements to translation of equations.