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86116C-040 65 GHz Optical/80 GHz Electrical Module

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

86116C-040 Optimized for high-speed telecom signals

  • 40G SONET/SDH and faster signals
  • 70 GHz characteristic optical bandwidth displays up to 107 Gb/s NRZ
  • Reference receiver for 39.8 and 43.0 Gb/s NRZ
  • 93 GHz characteristic electrical bandwidth
  • 55, 30 GHz settings for best sensitivity (0.6, 0.5 mVRMS characteristic)


Cutting edge component and subsystem designs require accurate characterization of very high-speed signals. When viewing waveforms in the 10 to 100 Gb/s range, three requirements are critical in an oscilloscope: a well designed frequency response, a wide bandwidth, and extremely low internal jitter. The 86116C optical and electrical modules represent some of the fastest solutions available for measuring high-speed communication signals. Characteristically with 70 GHz optical and 93 GHz electrical bandwidth, the 86116C when paired with the 86107A precision timebase module becomes the ideal solution for ultra high-speed waveform analysis. Designers will see the real performance of their devices and not aberrations created by the test equipment.

The unfiltered bandwidth settings provide the best pulse fidelity mode for measurement and display of very high-speed waveforms and provides a fast full-width, half-max (FWHM) of less than 7.4 ps (86116C-040). User selectable bandwidth settings can reduce noise when observing small signals. The electrical channel features over 93 GHz bandwidth. This yields a 3.9 ps system risetime. Just as important as bandwidth, the channel has a well controlled frequency response to minimize waveform distortion. User selectable bandwidth settings can be used for reduced instrumentation noise.