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Key Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Provides complete erasure of all user accessible memory
  • Complies to United States´ Department of Defense (DOD) security standards

Selectable Security Modes

  • Erase all
  • Erase and rewrite
  • Erase and sanitize all provides multiple rewrite operations
  • Secure mode automatically performs one of the above selected modes on next power cycle


Data Protection for Security Sensitive Applications

The Keysight MXG ATE analog equipped with Option 006 provides functions that help ensure compliance to the most rigorous classified information handling requirements. Data within the signal generator is easily cleared to United States’ Department of Defense (DOD) standards using these built-in utilities. The scope of memory erasure performed can be easily adjusted to meet less stringent guidelines when moving the instrument within a classified environment. Hardware removal is not required because the Keysight MXG ATE does not contain a magnetic hard drive.

Typical Application

Designed for users working on projects involving classified or sensitive proprietary information, this feature provides complete memory erasure of all data stored in the signal generator including user flatness tables, sweep lists and last state information.

This option can be added as a product upgrade.