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N7788B Benchtop Optical Component Analyzer

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Key Features & Specifications

Key Benefits

  • Highest Accuracy in a single sweep: no averaging over multiple sweeps required
  • High measurement speed
  • Complete measurement across C/L-band in less than 10 seconds (no need to wait for many averages)
  • Robustness against fiber movement / vibration and drift


Keysight Technologies pushes the limits of component measurements with the N7788B Component Analyzer. Its proprietary technology is comparable with the well-known Jones-Matrix-Eigenanalysis (JME) which is the standard method for measuring Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) or differential group delay (DGD) of optical devices.

Keysight’s new single scan technology offers a range of advantages to test a complete set of parameters:

  • DGD/ PMD
  • PDL
  • Power / Loss
  • TE / TM-Loss
  • 2nd-order PMD
  • Principal States of Polarization (PSPs)
  • Jones and Mueller Matrices

Designed for the Manufacturing Floor

High throughput: A complete analysis across the C and the L band is performed in less than 10 seconds!

Software Drivers: A range of software drivers is available for external control of the system. This allows easy integration in common ERP systems.

Remote control: Control of the instrument through LAN or via the Internet is supported. This supports automation as well as trouble shooting.

Report Generation: Generating PDF reports is supported. The content including layout is configurable by the user.

Real time power readout: High throughput measurement of non-connectorized components is supported by providing a real time power readout which enables fiber coupling of the new device.

Barcode Scanner: Using Barcode scanner is supported for quick transfer of the DUT serial number.