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Typically Configured Price CA$ 27,660

Typical Configuration

N7782B PER-Analyzer

  • N7782B-500 PER-Analyzer, 1460nm to 1620nm
  • N7782B-021 Straight Contact Connectors
  • R-51B-001-C Return to Keysight Warranty - 1 year

Typically Configured Price CA$ 27,660


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Key Features & Specifications

Key Benefits

  • Accurate polarization extinction ratio measurements in PMF, up to 50 dB
  • Uses the full polarimetric method recommended for aligning PMF with laser signals
  • Supports automated test with N7783B thermal cycling units for fiber stressing
  • Easy to use graphic software with real-time display


  • Laser Diode PMF Pig-tailing Alignment of the PM fiber during the pig-tailing process is supported by real-time display of the PER and the optical power.
  • PMF Splicing In order to support the alignment during the splicing process of PM fibers the Keysight N7782B provides real time display of the optical power and of the angular misalignment of the two fibers
  • PM component Characterization measurement of the PER on PM components like fiber polarizers, PMF couplers, PMF splitters, etc.
  • Characterization of PMF cross-coupling Polarization crosstalk in a PM fiber is measured and displayed as PER


Keysight’s N7782B series of PER-Analyzers has been designed for high speed and highly accurate testing of the polarization extinction ratio (PER) in PM fibers. The polarimetric measurement principle guarantees reliable measurements of PER values of up to 50dB.
The real time measurement capability in combination with automation interfaces makes this unit ideally suited for integration in manufacturing systems, for example pig-tailing stations for laser diodes and planar waveguide components. Analog interfaces are provided for integration of the system in control loop applications.