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N4371A Relative-Intensity-Noise (RIN) Solution

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Key Features & Specifications


  • -160dB/Hz@0dBm (typ.) (@1310nm, 1550nm)

Wavelength range

  • 1265 nm - 1625 nm

Frequency range

  • 10MHz to 6.7GHz/20GHz


RIN (Relative Intensity Noise) is a parameter representing temporal fluctuations of intensity of a laser signal and is used as an evaluation index of the noise characteristic of the laser devices. RIN is an indispensable item for indicating the signal quality of both digital and analog optical transmission systems.

N4371A Keysight RIN measurement system provides accurate RIN measurements with a specially developed calibration technique (patent pending) for the photoelectric frequency response of the entire system. Keysight RIN measurement system also reduces uncertainties by removing the interference by thermal noise and shot noise precisely.

N4371A Image


  • Accurate, high-speed and easy measurements of RIN frequency characteristics
  • Reduced uncertainty by using Keysight original calibration technique (patent pending)
  • High-speed measurement (5 seconds or less for 20 GHz span, 2000 point, 10 average)
  • Analysis on multiple traces by various markers