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Key Features & Specifications

  • PW, PRI, PRF vs. Time, Statistics, and Histograms
  • Extensive Vector Modulation analysis with VSA option
  • 18GHz (TDC via IRM Detector) frequency range
  • 2 Channel TDC, with optional 4 Channel Digitizer
  • 80MHz (TDC) 2GHz (Digitizer) bandwidth
  • Unrestricted time capture with 50ps resolution
  • 1M Events/sec system capture rate
  • 25M Events/sec data transfer rate


The efficient Keysight Pulse Analyzer System provides high resolution/high throughput Frequency and Time Interval Analysis measurements for RADAR Systems.


Extreme Measurement Efficiency

The wide bandwidth, 2 channel RF Input Reference Module (IRM) with built-in detectors and an ultra low noise / low jitter 10MHz reference oscillator combines all of the necessary signal routing, TDC clock and 10MHz reference outputs. The IRM combined with flexible internal and external triggering functions allow you to synchronize the PAS and other measurement instruments with your RADAR system operation.

The PAS achieves extreme efficiency in memory use and data transfer by using zero dead time, Time-to-Data-Converter (TDC) technology. By storing only the precise times for rising and falling edges of the RF pulse, the PAS makes optimal use of the 4M Event dual-memory architecture of the TDC; which supports unrestricted time capture length at rates as high as 1M Events per second. Extreme accuracy and time resolution of 50ps is achieved independent of time record length.

Typical applications using these products include pulse analysis for RADAR, LIDAR and sonar applications.

Time Interval Analysis using the standard Keysight Pulse Analyzer System (Z2090B-170)

  • RF Pulse Width (PW) versus Time and Statistics
  • RF Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI or PRF) versus Time and Statistics
  • Raw Time interval Data and Frequency versus Time Data

Optional 4-Channel Digitizer for up to 8GS/sec sampling with 10-bit resolution (Z2090B-171)

  • Detected Pulse Envelope vs Time
  • Pulse Power Measurements
  • Measure RF power of an input pulsed RF signal

Optional VSA Software for extensive demodulation and analysis capability (Z2090B-172)

  • Pulse Carrier Frequency Measurements
  • Pulse Amplitude & Power vs. Time

NOTE: The Pulse Analyzer System replaces HP 5371A / 5372A, and HP 53310A