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Note: Model number 85190M-020 has been obsoleted; however, the feature/capability is now included in the E8900K-030.

The information below is provided for reference only.

The universal serial bus (USB) Port Hardware Key secures IC-CAP software licenses by enabling IC-CAP to run on a personal computer (PC) in which this key is plugged into.

Upon your purchase of IC-CAP, your IC-CAP license file can be generated using either:

  • the unique 9 digit serial number of the USB Port Hardware key (as shown), or...
  • the local area network (LAN) Ethernet (wired or wireless) adapter's physical address

The USB Port Hardware key offers the convenience of IC-CAP license portability to run IC-CAP on different computers where IC-CAP and its license file are installed. However, you may risk losing this USB key which then prevents you from using IC-CAP.

To avoid this situation, you can alternatively secure your IC-CAP license to your PC LAN physical address. In this case, the USB Port Hardware Key would not be required.

Note: Keysight does not recommend the usage of the USB Port Hardware Key for machines used to run automated measurements via IC-CAP.