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Note: Model number 85193AL has been discontinued; however, the feature/capability is now included in the W8540EP/ET.

The information below is provided for reference only.

The High Frequency BJT Models package offers the following Gummel-Poon-based BJT models with high frequency extensions.

  • Gummel-Poon BJT Model - This semi-empirical model has been the industry standard for BJT devices. IC-CAP extracts Gummel-Poon parameters utilizing a combination of DC, capacitance vs. voltage (CV), and S-parameter measurements.
  • Keysight EEsof EDA High-Frequency Gummel-Poon BJT - This model includes RF extraction routines for three-terminal NPN BJT devices. CV measurements are replaced with S-parameter measurements, making the junction capacitance extraction more convenient and accurate. Improved methods for extracting ideality, base resistance, and reverse Early voltage are also included.
  • Keysight EEsof EDA EEBJT2 BJT - This model is based on the Gummel-Poon Model with modifications that improve the accuracy of both AC and DC parameters. For 3-terminal, high-frequency, packaged devices, it is highly automated with macros.