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Note: Model number 85199D has been discontinued; however, the feature/capability is now included in the W8520EP/ET.

The information below is provided for reference only.

The 85199D DC Measurement Drivers enable IC-CAP to control the following instruments. Drivers for instruments which are no longer available from Keysight are functional, but are no longer supported by Keysight.

Currently Available from Keysight

No Longer Available from Keysight

  • Keysight 4140 pA Meter / DC Voltage Source
  • Keysight 4141 DC Source, Monitor
  • Keysight 4142B Modular DC Source, Monitor
  • Keysight 4145x Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
  • Keysight E5272A, E5273A Parametric Measurement Solutions