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N2640A-010 WireScope Pro Professional Network Test Option

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

No replacement found for this product.

Key Features & Specifications


  • Autodiscovery simplifies documentation of network resources and stations
  • Autotest application performance testing for faster fault isolation
  • Toolkit for connectivity validation and LAN testing (Ping, Trace Route, SNMP Queries)
  • Network statistics on protocols, top talkers, local utilization and error statistics, local error sources

Network Interfaces

  • RJ45 interface with 10/100/1000BASE-T support
  • SFP interface for 1000BASE-SX, -LX Gigabit Ethernet over fiber
  • Auxiliary 10/100BASE-T RJ45 interface for web access to the instrument and reporting
  • Optional 100BASE-FX Media Converter, USB powered

Easy to Use

  • Consistent with the N2620A FrameScope Pro user interface:
    no training required for FrameScope Pro users
  • Full-screen, color LCD displays clear and complete results
  • Touch-screen interface and online manuals enhance ease of use


Keysight’s WireScope Pro is an extremely fast handheld Category 6A/ Class EA and Class F LAN cabling tester with a 1 GHz frequency range. The new Professional Network Test option N2640A-010 enables LAN cabling installers and solution integrators to turn up Ethernet networks with one set of testers. It allows network administrators to troubleshoot networks across layers 1 to 4, and to validate network connectivity and service availability after moves, adds and changes.

The new option makes use of the WireScope Pro’s built-in LAN interfaces for electrical and optical Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. WireScope Pro owners simply purchase an individual license code to activate the new functionality through a user interface dialog (please state your instrument’s serial number when ordering).

After simply switching from Cable Test to Network Test mode, the WireScope Pro automatically surveys and displays all devices in a switched network, providing instant visibility of IP and IPX devices on different subnets, along with their MAC addresses, network addresses, and names. Using the network database populated by the Autodiscovery function, the asset of network stations and services can be documented; rogue stations and unauthorized services can be identified.

The self-configuring Autotest, and its onboard help library make the WireScope Pro very easy to use even for novice users of the network test option. WireScope Pro Autotest applies a unique technique to objectively measure and benchmark the performance of network application servers, and produces detailed reports on the performance metrics.

WireScope Pro Professional Network Test includes an arsenal of troubleshooting tools from Ping and Trace Route to statistical analysis of the traffic breakdown. With just a few clicks, the instrument allows to identify 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet utilization, broadcasts, pause frames, collisions, and errors, or pinpoint incorrectly assigned subnet masks, misconfigured servers, and duplicate IP addresses.