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Key Features & Specifications

Real-time, system-rate network and base station emulation - for easy-to-use, real-world integration and validation and application test

  • LTE TDD and FDD options
  • RF parametric measurements, Functional test, Multi-PDN, IPv6, IMS/SIP options, handovers
  • Transmission modes 1-4 and 6
  • End-to-end IP data testing up to Cat 3

Optional analysis and automation

  • Optional Wireless Test Manager (WTM) SW for RF test automation and interactive functional test (IFT) SW for real-world functional test
  • Optional E6966A IMS-SIP network emulator software for voice, SMS and video test
  • In-depth RF analysis with 89600 VSA software

Extensive handover testing

  • LTE to 3G and 2G 
  • Cell selection and reselection
  • Circuit Switched Fall Back (CSFB), Simultaneous Voice and LTE (SVLTE) and Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC)
  • Automated operator acceptance testing and configuration using N5973A and N5974A


Premium Used E6621A PXT test sets are available.

The E6621A PXT instrument represents a significant breakthrough in LTE UE testing. It incorporates flexible base station/network emulation and RF parametric tests into one integrated unit and extends Keysight’s unmatched portfolio of LTE test solutions for development and verification. The E6621A PXT hardware is configurable with a number of advanced test and analysis software options.

N6051A LTE RF parametric test with test mode signaling

The PXT includes a suite of LTE RF measurements that may be used for characterization, calibration, and verification purposes, available while on a connection, ideal for the RF engineer.

N6052A LTE functional and application test

With realistic base station/network emulation, the PXT LTE test set offers a controlled environment which can be used to verify network attach, idle and connected mode operation and functional performance such as throughput. The PXT provides maximum flexibility to configure a range of connection and network parameters so enabling test, stress, and debug of the protocol and data handling capabilities of designs including DL 2x2 MIMO and handovers.

N6061A LTE protocol logging and analysis

LTE protocol logging and analysis are essential tools for debugging interoperability issues inevitable with evolving radio technologies such as LTE. Even relatively simple tests such as UE attach can become frustrating without the tools to adequately debug and resolve issues.

N6062A LTE message editor

LTE message editor is a highly flexible tool for configurability of layer 3 messages (RRC and NAS). It provides detailed parameter control offering far more flexibility than a normal one-box tester.

N6050AS LTE mobile test software 1 year software and technical support contract

The N6050AS LTE mobile test software - software and technical support contract (STSC) entitles the user to software updates and technical support for the E6621A PXT firmware N6050A, N6051A, N6052A LTE mobile test software, N6061A LTE protocol logging and analysis software and the N6062A LTE message editor software. Other durations available.
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