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N5970A UMTS Interactive Functional Test Software

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Industry’s most comprehensive real-world functional test software for mobile data analysis and handset application testing

The Keysight N5970A UMTS Interactive Functional Test (IFT) software, designed to fully utilize the E5515C (8960) wireless communications test set along with the GSM/GPRS/EGPRS and W-CDMA/HSPA lab applications, provides a way to bring real-world test solutions into a lab environment.

Real-world testing is achieved by IFT’s ability to easily set up and dynamically automate realistic user scenarios through the network emulation capabilities of the 8960. The ability to simultaneously run multiple activities, just as an end-user does, is key to emulating real-world scenarios. This allows integration and validation test engineers to quickly solve issues not normally found until later in the design cycle. Issues found early and resolved quickly can reduce both time-to-market and overall development costs.

Ensure mobile applications and services perform as expected - Test user activity scenarios for the following:

  • SMS to and from the device
  • MMS to and from the device
  • FTP Upload/Download
  • UDP Upload Flood/Download Flood
  • Web Browsing
  • NEW! E-mail to and from the device
  • WAP Push
  • Ping
  • Real-World Battery Drain Analysis
  • Call Processing
  • NEW! Inter-Rat Handovers
  • NEW! Mobile reported data
  • Network Impairments (dynamic cell power levels, AWGN, and scripted fading profiles using the N5115B Baseband Studio for Fading)

Find functional issues that conformance test does not always detect. Don’t let your customers find issues with hardware, protocol, operating systems and applications.

Functional test automation including simultaneous user activity execution

  • Reduce the time it takes to validate designs, allowing more testing in a release cycle.
  • Test FTPs, call processing, SMS, and more all while monitoring current drain to provide a realistic measure of battery performance.
  • Bring realistic network test scenarios into the lab for earlier issue resolution. Testing earlier in the design cycle reduces the cost to resolve issues often found after a product release.

Failure Analysis/Troubleshooting Toolset

  • Helps find corner case issues in data throughput, protocol, and current drain performance
  • Provides more than pass/fail results; data is provided to help troubleshoot, isolate, and resolve issues

Phone Control

  • Automate phone through AT commands, robotic interface, or customize the GUI to meet your unique phone control processes.
  • Simple device library tools for managing unique phone configuration and default settings.