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W2631A DDR2 X16 BGA Command and Data Probe for Logic Analyzer and Scope - 4 Probe Set

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This product is no longer available

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Key Features & Specifications

  • Provides an electrically and mechanically non-intrusive connection to all signals between a 16900 Series logic analysis system and DDR2 DRAMs
  • Provides access to representative signals for scope measurement of compliance to Jedec specification
  • Provides observation of data traffic on industry-standard DDR2 DIMMs
  • For more details please contact your local Keysight Technologies, Inc. sales representative


Best in Test 2009 award winners

The Keysight DDR2 BGA probe for logic analyzer and scope enables viewing of data traffic on industry standard DDR2 DIMMs with the Keysight 16900 Series logic analysis system and 80000/90000 Series scopes.