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Key Features & Specifications

  • Support for the Controller Area Network (CAN) and FlexRay serial protocol
  • On-screen serial decode synchronized with the serial waveform
  • Unique listing-window view of data transfer information
  • Serial packet search with navigation controls
  • Real-time eye-diagram analysis provides a composite view of the signal quality


With today's wide adoption of CAN and FlexRay serial bus technology in the automotive design, debugging issues when there is a failure becomes a complicated task. Both technologies employ a very sophisticated architecture and clock recovery scheme which a standard oscilloscope has difficulty troubleshooting when a problem arises. You need specialized tools to help you find the root cause of the issues.

The automotive application signal analyzer is an oscilloscope measurement system optimized for these debugging tasks. The system is built around an Infiniium 8000 Series oscilloscope and InfiniiMax probes. The oscilloscope includes 32M deep memory, automotive serial data analysis software, EZJIT Plus jitter analysis software and InfiniiScan event identication software standard at an attractive price.

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