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89601A-B7U W-CDMA/HSPA Modulation Analysis

Product Status: Obsolete
This product is no longer available

A replacement for this product is available:

Key Features & Specifications

High performance tools for W-CDMA/HSPA+ modulation analysis

  • Support: W-CDMA, HSPA and HSPA+
  • UL and DL analysis
  • Composite EVM: ≤ -1.5% (measurement platform dependent)
  • Code Domain Power Accuracy: ±0.3dB (measurement platform dependent)
  • LTE analysis also available (Option BHD)


Measure, evaluate and troubleshoot W-CDMA, HSPA and HSPA+ signals with the tools in Option B7U.

Enhanced for HSPA+ with:

  • 64QAM analysis for HS-PDSCH
  • Relative CDE measurement
  • Pre-set for DL test model 6
  • 4PAM analysis for E-DPDCH
  • Analysis of HSPA+ 2x2 MIMO for HS-PDSCH
  • Antenna-1, antenna-2 down link analysis
  • PCI (pre-coding indicator) selection
  • MBSFN S-CCPCH code channel analysis
  • CCDF, CDF, and PDF analysis traces added to provide statistical views of your signal's magnitude and power

Enhanced for HSPA with:

  • HS-DPCCH & E-DCH analysis
  • Full and half slot UL EVM and PvT analysis
  • Relative CDE measurement
  • Slot-by-slot adaptive modulation auto detection

Gain greater insight on your W-CDMA, HSPA and HSPA+ signals with advanced signal analysis capabilities

  • Automatically identify all active channels regardless of the symbol rate or spread-code-length
  • Speed measurement set-up with standard pre-sets for uplink and downlink signals
  • Single layer CDP and CDE displays to view one layer at a time and determine the behavior of specific layers and channels
  • Composite CDP and CDE displays to view all code layers at a time and determine the overall signal performance
  • Search out specific errors with tools such as composite and single channel constellation, trellis and eye diagrams, IQ magnitude/phase error displays, and error vector traces
  • Evaluate the overall in-band performance of your W-CDMA / HSPA signal with composite and time-domain displays and measurements including, code domain power, code domain error, and overall error summary results
  • Display your measurement results in several trace display formats as well as numeric error data formats
  • Flexible display scaling and marker functionality