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U1093A Autosynchronous Bus Terminations for Acqiris Digitizers

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

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The autosynchronous bus (AS bus) bridges are used to synchronize multiple digitizer modules together, taking care of the distribution of all necessary trigger and clock signals.

Synchronous digitizing improves the accuracy of cross-channel measurements and is essential for accurate time correlation. The AS bus system can be used to phase-synchronize all digitizers to an external standard (such as a 10 MHz reference) or to improve trigger flexibility by allowing any trigger input (channel or external trigger input) to be used as the trigger source for all the other digitizers in the system. The AS bus circuit allows selected clock and trigger signals to propagate through all the connected modules. The position of each card is automatically detected, enabling the system to calibrate the individual channel timing delays, so that all the connected ADCs are clocked at the same time.

A simple software function allows the combination of the digitizers so that they appear as a single instrument with many channels.