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N6430A WiMAX™ Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) and Development System

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Key Features & Specifications

Mobile WiMAX™ Development, Regression, Acceptance and Certification Test

  • TTCN-3 Protocol Test systems with validated PCT Test Cases
  • Mobile and Base Station support with soft-key mode switching
  • Comprehensive TTCN-3 development, execution and test automation environment
  • Test system can also be used with validated Network Conformance Test (NCT) test cases using the N6434A software

Protocol Test with industry’s most versatile WiMAX Test Set

  • PCT software operates with the Keysight E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set
  • 450MHz to 6GHz coverage for profile flexibility, SISO and MIMO support
  • Base Station Emulation, RF measurements, end-end application test
  • Core component of ETS-Lindgren Radiated Performance Test (RPT) System


Validated Test Cases


Keysight’s N6430A series PCT systems are being used today by the world’s leading WiMAX Forum® Designated Certification Labs (WFDCL) to certify WiMAX base stations and mobiles.

N6430A users download regular software updates that incorporate the latest protocol test cases developed by ETSI for the WiMAX Forum. Additional test cases are integrated and validated each week and are included in software updates as the WiMAX Certification Requirements Status List (CRSL) defines the industry’s increasingly comprehensive certification regime. The N6430A test coverage includes test cases for both PCT and NCT testing.

Mobile WiMAX Development, Regression, Acceptance and Certification

Leading WiMAX chip-set suppliers, equipment makers and network operators are using Keysight’s N6430A series PCT system throughout their development and acceptance lifecycle.  

The N6430A series PCT combined with the E6651A’s versatility means that operators are able to develop acceptance test procedures that cost-effectively combine protocol, RF and application test scenarios on a single test platform.

Chip-set and equipment makers have built the Keysight system into their pre-certification test plans. The system’s capacity to fully automate test sequences means that the system is also ideally suited to regression test applications.


The N6430A series integrates an intuitive and complete TTCN-3 development and execution environment; TTworkbench from Testing Technologies IST GmbH

TTCN-3 (Testing and Test Control Notation) is a modern, powerful test specification and implementation language that has been adopted as a standard within the WiMAX industry.

Users can run standard WiMAX TTCN-3 PCT and NCT test cases supplied with N6430A series releases, or can customize test cases to explore new test scenarios using TTworkbench’s rich feature set.

Multi-layer logging and de-bug

The N6430A series allows detailed TTCN-3 logs to be exported for record keeping and analysis.   Systems also include the N6421A Protocol Logging application providing a fully independent view of exchanged messages.  The N6421A logs and decodes PHY and MAC messages and combines them with traces of UL-MAP and synchronized TTCN-3 events enabling powerful analysis and de-bug.

Keysight Support and ease of use

Executing and analyzing protocol test cases is made easy thanks to the N6430A series intuitive graphical user interface.

The E6651A Test Set’s built-in base station emulator and soft-key user interface enables network entry to be achieved with WiMAX devices with one key press, verifying operation before running PCT test cases. Complex WiMAX tasks are simplified to the greatest possible extent by the Keysight system.

Each system includes on-site start-up assistance from a Keysight professional, often from your own country and in your own language.

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