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U1056B Data Acquisition Systems and Software

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Key Features & Specifications

Build a complete cPCI data acquisition system, pick up what you need between:

  • Chassis: 3-, 5- or 8-slot CompactPCI® chassis
  • Interface or processor: A choice of interfaces for desktop or laptop PC’s or in system single-board computer
  • Software: Turnkey AcqirisMAQS software for multichannel visualization, or standard software support for easy integration into your measurement system
  • Data acquisition PXI/cPCI modules: Mix and match from a variety of high-speed digitizers up to 12-bit and 8 GS/s , TDC or processing modules


The U1056B configured systems allow you to generate a complete data acquisition system with a combination of PXI and CompactPCI (cPCI) high-speed data converter modules. Each system includes a choice of PC interfaces or embedded single board computers, with crates and software to create a turn-key system with up to 80 digitizer acquisition channels.

The range of cPCI digitizers provide up to12-bit resolution, 4 channels per modules, bandwidths up to 3 GHz and sampling rates to 8 GS/s. The high-speed cPCI analyzers (digitizers with on-board FPGA technology) provide up to 2 GS/s sampling rates. The analyzer can be ordered with either a real time FFT processing firmware, or a firmware development kit (FDK) that opens the FPGA to custom algorithms for real time processing, and/or data streaming with the modules optional fiber optic data ports.

The time-to-digital converters (TDC) provide precise timing measurements between up to 12 input channels per card, and with 50 ps timing resolution.

Typical applications using these digitizers include plasma physics, nuclear physics, EW/SIGINT, ATE, RADAR and LIDAR applications.

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