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SPECS-FA Software

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Key Features & Specifications

General features

  • Factory automation solution for the Keysight 4080 Series based on the SPECS test shell SPECS
  • Flexible test control, and multiple recipe management
  • Supports SEMI standard E5 (SECS II), E30 (GEM), E87 (CMS), E39 (OSS), E40 (PMS), E90 (STS) and E94 (CJM)
  • Reports the status of both the parametric test system and the wafer prober in real time

Product benefits

  • Simplifies control of Keysight 4080 Series and wafer probers in a factory automation environment
  • Algorithms created on SPECS will run on SPECS-FA without modification
  • Adaptive test capabilities help to lower the cost-of-test


SPECS-FA (Semiconductor Process Evaluation Core Software - Factory Automation) is a factory automation software solution for parametric testers based on the industry standard SPECS test shell. It offers flexible test control, multiple recipe management, dual ports, and supports CMS and SECS/GEM.

SPECS-FA can help manufacturers achieve a quick ramp-up, continuous improvement, and efficient equipment deployment and process monitoring.