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81495A Reference Receiver for IEEE802.3ae-LR, -ER optical transceiver stress test

Product Status: Discontinued | Currently Supported
This product is no longer available

Key Features & Specifications

Optical wavelength range

  • 750 nm to 1650 nm

O/E bandwidth

  • 9.3 GHz

Rise and fall times

  • < 35 ps


Keysight's 81495A single mode reference receiver is optimized for testing transceiver loopback according to IEEE 802.3ae-LR, ER and 10 G FC. The module is fully integrated into the industry standard LMS 816xB platform.

Together with the huge range of optical modules for the LMS platform any optical test application can be built within minutes. Remote control can be used to monitor the optical average power in parallel with the RF signal detection with the built in optical average power meter.

An analog bandwidth of > 9 GHz and an integrated amplifier extends the application of the reference receiver to an O/E converter to analyze optical signals in combination with an electrical spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope.


  • Full compilance to IEEE 802.3ae-LR, -ER stress test in combination with the N4917A Optical Receiver Stress Test Solution
  • Clean eye for best 10GbE loop back test performance
  • Low noise and low jitter supports reliable opto-electrical conversion
  • Quick signal level verification and diagnosis with integrated average optical power meter
  • Seemless integration into Keysight 816xB LMS platform