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86105B-112 15 GHz optical / 20 GHz electrical module

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Key Features & Specifications

15 GHz optical channel for 9/125 fibers

  • Wavelength range: 1000-1600 nm
  • Characteristic rms noise: 5 uW (10 GHz BW), 10 uW (15 GHz BW)
  • Maximum average input power: 2 mW

Reference receiver capability: see options for supported data rates

  • 20 GHz electrical channel with 3.5 mm male input
  • Characteristic rms noise: 0.25 mV (12.4 GHz BW), 0.5 mV (20 GHz BW)
  • Maximum input signal: ± 2 Vdc



The Keysight 86105B lets you perform transmitter compliance tests of multiple technologies and line rates with a single module. It is now possible to characterize optical transmission performance of SONET, Ethernet, and Fibre Channel technologies, from 155 Mb/s through 10 Gb/s. In addition, new Infiniium DCA firmware now supports mask testing for emerging standards such as optical InfiniBand and electrical XAUI signaling.

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