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Key Features & Specifications

  • Impedance characterization in signal pattern / TDR, TDT
  • Up to 20,001 point measurement with low-pass or band-pass mode selection
  • Gating function to remove unwanted fixture effects
  • Window function setting to optimize pulse rising time effects
  • Accurate vector error calibration at the tip of the test port


Time domain option 010 enables the ENA to view reflection and transmission responses in the time domain, which is a powerful tool to tune filters, gate out the response of fixtures and cables, characterize the impedance of transmission lines, and more.

Product Options

  • E5071C-010 Time domain analysis
  • E5070B-010 Time domain analysis
  • E5071B-010 Time domain analysis

Upgrade kits

  • E5004A-1FP Time domain analysis (for E5071C)
  • E5070BU-010 Time domain analysis
  • E5071BU-010 Time domain analysis

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