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J8120A Vehicle Protocol Tester Series 500 (VPT501)

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Key Features & Specifications

Fast and Easy Identification and Isolation of Network Communication Problems

  • Automatically Identify Network Timing Errors (System, Node, and Gateway)
  • Signal Chain Verification
  • Powerful Comprehensive Analysis Features
  • Easy Device Validation with Codeless Emulation of Nodes and Network

Hardware Flexibility

  • 2 CAN, 2 LIN Interfaces, 8 Configurable Digital I/O with integrated transceivers
  • Stand-Alone Data Recorder (2GB Memory)
  • 1 us time stamp synchronized across all interfaces
  • Control via LAN supports lab and remote environments

Faster Time to Test

  • Import existing Network Databases, such as CAN Database Files (.dbc), LIN Descriptor Files (.ldf); Measurement Configuration Files (.mcf)
  • Fully programmable Hardware Configuration
  • Automatic Configuration of Timing Checker
  • Single Click Node, Network and System Emulation


For vehicle topologies consisting of CAN and LIN networks, the Vehicle Protocol Tester VPT501 is an innovative debugging and analysis tool for complex communication relations.

The VPT501 has a robust housing that is designed for the usage in vehicles, with CAN (2x) and LIN (2x) and the digital input/output interfaces. The following key features are packed into the box:

• Various and extensive data analysis of network communication
• Innovative and automated timing analysis capabilities
• Simple configurable rest-bus emulation without programming expenditure
• An integrated data logger for stand-alone mode

These features make the VPT501 the universal "Complete Test in a Single Tool" solution.

The powerful timing analysis capabilities make it possible to identify and analyze communication problems in the network faster, simpler and more effectively.

During the recording of the communication, the hardware determines different timing characteristics for all frames in connected CAN and LIN networks automated and in real time. The VPT501 signal checker supervises timing constraints like e.g. follow-up-time or gateway latencies, which can be configured by the user and indicates each violation online. This enables powerful identification of the source of error and fast analysis of the time performance in case of an error.

For the validation of correct system performance, the investigation of complex time relations of signals in the network is necessary. The signal chain analysis allows a simple, automated timing analysis of data flow beyond interfaces and networks. Thereby for example gateway latencies, response time, physical -to-protocol conversion, protocol-to-physical conversion or synchronized event timing can be determined in a very simple way.

This makes complete timing analysis in a single tool possible, which as yet was only possible when several devices were combined.

Our customers confirm that through the use of the VPT501, time consuming and manual measurements with several devices are no longer an issue. Also, validating the robustness of the communication is simplified and accelerated clearly.

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