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N7781A Polarization Analyzer (Adaptif A1000)

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This product is no longer available

Key Features & Specifications

Key Benefits

  • High-Speed operation
  • Operating wavelength range from 850nm – 1640nm
  • Calibration data on board
  • Analogue data output ports


  • Measurement of
    - State of Polarization (SOP)
    - Stokes Parameter
    - Degree of Polarization (DOP)
  • High-Speed Analysis of SOP/DOP of Recirculating Signal
  • Analysis of PM-Fiber Extinction Ratio


The Keysight N7781A is a compact high-speed Polarization Analyzer which provides comprehensive capabilities for analyzing polarization properties of optical signals. This includes representation of the State of Polarization (SOP) on the Poincaré Sphere (Stokes Parameter).

The on-board algorithms together with the on-board calibration data ensure highly accurate operation across a broad wavelength range.

Due to its real time measurement capability (1 MSamples/s) the instrument is well suited for analyzing disturbed and fluctuating signals as well as for control applications requiring real time feedback of polarization information.

Analogue data output ports are provided, for example for support of control loops in automated manufacturing test systems.